Screw Societys Standards

Society has taught us a lot in our lives from the way that we perceive ourselves to the way that we are "supposed" to perceive others. See in my time and age I've been in so many body image talks and programmes and I will admit some of them are good and some were quite bad but there's one thing that they never teach you in body images classes is that the reason that there even is body image issues is of society standards and brainwashing. I had this thought randomly pop up in my mind is that no one is actually ugly it actually comes down to what we find is attractive and not attractive by what qualities we like the best and some may have different ones from others. But there's now a certain mold that we're supposed to follow for Women and Men to be what we consider as "beautiful" or the perfect human being. There's a recipe in society standards little-cooking book of what makes a girl look exteriorly beautiful. From a girl's perspective the usual recipe for us is like a barbie long straight blond hair, beautiful tanned skin, maybe some beautiful baby blue eyes, a nice skinny figure, oh my goodness the list just goes on and on. As a part of my self-growth, I started to go against those standards as a beautiful pale brunette curly haired hazel eyed beauty. I encourage girls to go against the standard because you should love and embrace yourselves for who you are it's been said repeatedly I know so cheesy but it's ultimately true you should embrace with what you're born and given with. It took a lot for me to start being my natural self trust me I used to straighten or curl my natural long curly hair every day before school so much I had to get a full on haircut to get rid of how much damage I did to my hair. At the time of 16 or 17, I decided to go completely natural by wearing my hair naturally curly, stopped fake tanning my gorgeous pale skin and stopped wearing makeup to school. It takes some time trust it took me a lot of baby steps to get me to my natural state now but that was ultimately because of the times. We are in a generation now that woman and men can go against the standards and start embracing their true natural beauty because we have now realized the faults in it and everyone can see clearly now that it's just society standards. Now you tell me are you going to love yourself by society standards or are you going to say screw you society standards I'm beautiful just the way that I am and I don't need your standards anymore thank you very much. In Fact you as a reader right now you can even whisper it shout, scream it or say it in a loud voice I love myself just the way I am and I don't need society's standards to define my beauty. Even so, true beauty isn't even on the outside but on the inside how you are as a person because you can be the prettiest person with a mean heart and be perceived as ugly.The reason why society standards haven't been talked about much is because of its brainwash to conform everyone to who they want us to be. To be clones of one another because to them "being different" is "unusual" and not "normal" but why would you want to be a clone when you are born to shine and exude who you truly are they think everything is calm and peaceful when everyone looks the same but I see it as a big mess and I hope you do as well. Here I am helping to clean up the mess that Society Standards have made are you going to join me as well? .Ugh just love yourselves for the way that you are honestly I don't know how else to say it but dammit LOVE YOURSELF why shouldn't you love yourself I bet you are an amazing human being. This millennial is on a roll and sadly going to finish now awww well I hoped I've encouraged you to go against society standards and start loving who you naturally are remember you don't have to take big leaps just tiny little baby steps to being your lovely true self and remember LOVE YOURSELF. Referencing that meme of the guy saying "accept yourself, love yourself". However, i've learned all of this from youtuber Cartia Mallans "the messy effect" project which really opened up my eyes to this subject so I encourage you to check out her videos on "the messy effect" which explains this issue in greater detail