Let's Bodyshame Each Other Because Society Taught Us To

Society I would like to know how you benefit us humans in any way possible because clearly you are just constantly brainwashing us to tear each other apart. Believe it or not, body shaming still, happens today in 2017, however, we are talking about it let me open your eyes for a minute to an issue you didn't even realize is happening. We all body shame each other. What? No! It's 2017 that issue doesn't even exist. Well ignorant person you're dead wrong it still happens. Just think about it ladies let me see if you ever been in this situation have you ever joked around with your "girlfriends" that they have small boobs or a small butt. Did you ever stop and think for a minute wait this could be body shaming but we all just shake it off because it's a joking matter oh and guess what SOCIETY HAS TAUGHT US TO DO THIS. Are you shook yet think about it it's subtle body shaming nevertheless no matter how big or small it is it's still body shaming. It's reinforcing the person that they're not up to "society standards".Women and Men just constantly body shame each other because of society standards. See what society has done and brainwashed us to do is to see what others don't have in society's standards recipe for the "beautiful" or "perfect" human being and pick on those features to maintain the standards they have set up. Did you know they also gain money from this by selling products to us making or helping us look like the society's standards why do you even think there's a whole beauty industry?.Think about this if you body shame then you've been brainwashed and manufactured by society standards by making sure that everyone is up to society's standards and if someone isn't we make them feel bad about it almost feels like you're a robot or a police officer keeping the peace of society's standards. This is obviously not a good thing and to be quite frank it's quite messed up. A group of people or I don't even know who have decided to have these "standards" and ignore the way that we are born and how we've been made and to put down what we've been given and blessed with. It's extremely messed up but it's ok because we can fix this issue by spreading the message to ignore and not listen to society's standards. First you must go against society standards with yourself to get yourself out of this messed up system. Then you can teach others to go against it and help anyone who's stuck in following society's standards stand up for others who get body shamed no matter what to extent either in a joking matter or serious because it all has an effect. The more people we can go against society's standards the more effective this becomes because people will notice a change and then there will be a domino effect. Go and be the rebellions to society's standards police and robots and convince them that what they're doing is wrong and for goodness sake STOP BODY SHAMING EACH OTHER.