Where's The Peace And Love?

Seriously what's happening with our world. It's no lie that our world is falling apart I mean we only need to switch on the tv now to see the proof I just can't believe how much hate and violence is in our world today. One event I personally felt really heartbroken for was the Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande's concert. When I first heard the news I was in complete disbelief but then after looking at all the news it hit me that this had actually happened. Now I can't say i'm a massive fan of Ariana but i'm definitely a fan and went through a whole phase when I was like 14 so when I heard she was coming to my country to perform I really wanted to go but unfortunately I knew no one who would go with me so I couldn't go. I think what hurt most is that there were young girls and boys going there to have a good time and to support her and see their idol and then for someone to target a place full of love and happiness truly made me very sad. Concerts are literally one of the greatest things in the world and I absolutely love them you honestly just feel so free and happy and joyful and for the most part there are meant to be safe places for people to completely be themselves. Days after this event I was watching the benefit concert for it after and something really struck a chord in me saying we need to spread and show love unto everyone regardless of people's gender,race,age,religion,sexual orientation etc if we can put all of our differences aside and just love each other then how amazing and loving would our world be. At that moment and still till today I wanted to give everyone in humanity a massive group hug and also that I would try my best to be more loving unto others. There's already so much hate in our world my mission for myself you and everybody is to spread love and peace in our world and show people love,kindness, and caring and try to make this world a bit more better. Stop the hate and spread the love