Don't Bring Us Down Raise Us Up Instead

Ladies Ladies let's settle down for a minute. One great thing that's changing in our generation and era is the feminist movement and it's amazing,strong and powerful. However I would love to know why do we put down each other down a lot you may not come to realize it but in a matter of fact we do put each other down a lot from time to time whether it comes to how are with each other, judging each other, putting each other down etc. Have you ever heard that scenario where the guy cheats on the girl with another girl and the typical reaction is that the two girls would fight against each other right? Well as woman we should flip that scenario and just leave the guy with no one and the two girls should go get ice cream together see it's that simple. Guys always complain that girls gossip about each other and backstab each other which I can't lie as going to an all girl school for 7 years of my life is 90% true and 10% false in that sense it's up for us to decide how we are with our gender. Girls you actually don't have to gossip or stab each other in the back and I know kinda hard at times but I believe that we can actually raise each other up and uplift each other. I would love it if one day gossiping and backstabbing and judging and shaming woman would be a thing of the past. Ladies i'm so proud to be a Girl,Lady,Woman,Female,Femme and I freaking love our gender so much and I am so proud to be a Female so as Sisters of this gender let's do what the title says and raise each other up then bring each other down then we can prove to everyone we are a force to be reckoned with. It seems like society has put us in a box that we are supposed to compete or fight with each other from some reason but i'm saying to you now let's go against that and love and uplift and support each other as Females